Frequently Asked Questions

this is your brain on DOCUCOMIX

this is your brain on DOCUCOMIX

What is the meaning of 'docu-comix'?

Words accompanied by pictures. Illustrated Factoids. Visual Learning. Unless you are not in the mood to learn, in which case you can just let your eyes glaze over as the colors sink into your latent awareness. That's important too.

What high-tech equipment do you use to make your Time-Lapse Animations?

While I can't reveal the gadget I've crafted until my patent forms have cleared, I will admit to these ingredients:  cardboard with cut-out hole for iphone camera, styrofoam chunks, several flex-neck LED clamp lights, and a metal basket I found on the sidewalk.

Will I be smarter after reading your graphic novel bio about Nikola Tesla?

Our panel of Doc-Comix scientists have a before/after questionnaire you can take, which will confirm that your IQ has gone up at least a notch. We've hired the very best, rmeet them here

What do you suggest I do today?

If you have spare time, I recommend becoming an expert in Finnish Verb Conjugation; scientists report that it's a very important brain exercise to do new things that are hard.

Why do you have to misspell 'comix'?

You know...I don't know. When I was looking for domain names, I found out that both & were not yet taken. So I don't even have that excuse. I guess, go ahead and feel free to make a competitor-site that is properly spelled, and we'll duke it out at the fooseball table in our future co-working office someday?