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Elizabeth Haidle

At age 5, I wanted to be a wild horse trainer / ballerina. None of those panned out, so I settled for drawing as many ballerinas and horses as I could. At age 13, I made a story about a grumpy elf with a pet snail and it was published through a contest for kids. This ignited a lifelong passion for storytelling—whether through illustration, comics, or ideally...around a campfire with friends.

Fast forward to now, (skipping the part about art school, depression, and writing terrible poems on typewriters), my current days are filled with non-fiction illustration—biographical, historical, political & sometimes poetical-philosophical.  

I am also the art + editorial director at Illustoria magazine, published by McSweeney’s. Inside its colorful, curiosity-inducing pages, we celebrate comics, stories & DIY.

I live in Portland, Oregon, even though I left part of my heart in Taos, New Mexico.
(I go back there often to retrieve bits of it)


Thanks for dropping by!

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