VIsit my new page on D.RIP, showing process vids, snapshots of WIP from my sketchbook & more in-depth posts

Elizabeth Haidle

I'll be posting process videos, WIP snapshots, and sketchbook pages from live figure drawing sessions here in Portland. On Kickstarter's new website for ongoing-projects & subscription based support. Starts as low as $2 a month, or go all out and get the monthly original-art postcard to spice up your mailbox:  D.RIP/EHAIDLE

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Cover Design evolution for I,PARROT

Elizabeth Haidle

There was a debate between the 1st and 2nd designs, so the solution was a 3rd: hybrid of both. That sentence makes it sound easy, which is wasn't! But I'm pleased with the result & was worth the extra sweat. Available to order - check HERE (at to find it at a bookstore near you, or head to Amazon for a kindle option.

Literary Giants Grow Up

Elizabeth Haidle

I'm working on a project that follows various literary heroes back to the days of their youth, digging up quirky and surprising details. Childhood seems an endless mystery to untangle, and somehow it helps us to swap stories about what we all did during those times of acting from a more pure instinct. For better and for worse, of course.

Birder-ING: a look at Humans who watch Birds

Elizabeth Haidle

This comic series explores the history of Ornithology (scientific study of birds), illuminating the long-entwined paths of Bird & Human-kind.  From pre-history petroglyphs and ancient bird-themed Mythologies,  this universal fascination eventually organized itself into formal egg-collecting & bird-identifying societies -- with varied motivations, involving protection of the species, loitering in nature with a sense of purpose, and making obsessive lists of birds witnessed in the wild.

MEMO: Notes to Our Younger Selves -- interview comic

Elizabeth Haidle

I'm interviewing women from every decade about how they would advise their younger selves. What songs, people, places and experiences shaped our sense of perspective? Covering a spectrum  from regrettable hairdos to impactful books, this comic aims to trace the fine line between what does & doesn't matter, through the lens of hindsight.


Elizabeth Haidle

Experiments on super large watercolor sheets. The first one is entitled 'I Changed My Mind', since the original large letters needed to be covered up. Due to their failure to succeed, as interesting looking words. I decided the shape of the blobs was interesting enough.

More experiments ensued, in which I didn't have to paint over the initial lettering. Will post, soon.