Elizabeth Haidle

Writing Big is something I never do. So, I bought large watercolor paper plus a some huge brushes. I pictured a Jackson Pollack type scene,  staggering around a floor strewn with paint and supplies.  I thought I'd try writing phrases I have a difficult time saying. Like, 'I Changed My Mind'. I wrote these words with my fancy brush; it looked terrible. So I blocked out the ugliness with giant blobs. Then. I thought I'd get white paint & re-do the words over the blobs. But then it seemed the shapes were interesting to me. So I left them, & painted an illustration below, with 'I Changed My Mind' in tiny lettering, using a white gel pen. I instantly felt gratified. I decided that was more important than trying something ultra new. I drew eyes on the faces, painted them out, drew them again, painted back over them. I decided they looked more shape-y without eyes. So I changed my mind a lot while making this. It's so.....conceptually strong this way? Then my morale was fluffed enough to try some other large words, that I wasn't tempted to paint over. I'll be posting those next...